Product Name: cement

is applied on solid materials to bind them tightly ,to be specific ;it’s a powder substance that after mixing with water it’ll turn to a soft and doughy estate(which will get tough after getting dried)and is used for binding stones,bricks,blocks and et cetera to each other in structuring.cement can be defined as sticky materilas that ‘re capble of binding pices and bunch of solid materials togather and make a compact whole.this definition includes lots of diffrent materials that have less in commons with each other.but usually by cement we mean , a substance which can turn to a doughy estate and be used for binding stones,bricks blocks to each other.since the predominante portion of most of this materials is lime componants ,by cement it means lime_cements.due to this definition, a monomer like methyl methacrylate can be called cement which will be polimrrized and tough in place and mostly be used for patching and repairing the roads in united states.however the usage of this costly sobstances compared to mineral cement which lortland cement is the best of them,is so limited.

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