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petrosaran holiding expertly in oil derivatives fields in Iran and United States of Emirates is trading either through transiting or shipping all around the world. this organization alongside petrosaran Tavan Chimi refinaty,are capable of producing more than 20 Metronic ton final product annualy in bulk and packaging in any track of production and a connoisseur group in petrosaran zarin chimi is provided to supply any kind of oil production such as refineral and petrochemical and by it’s logistic knoweledge can send any kind of oil product in any packaging either through transiting or shipping to each important ports of countries with marine ports.

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Petrosaran Tavan chimi

Petrosaran tavan chimi is a productive refinary in Kurdestan province of Iran with massive production system which has been stablished in three phases.this complex is capble of producing 20,000 metronic ton base oil(final product) annualy in each phase with bulk packagin in tanker,drum,jambo tank,flexy tank and other small-size pakcaging in refinery.this coplex includes products like:all types of base oil such as sn.sn150.sn 200.sn350.sn 500.sn 550,all types of engine oil,grease,gear oil, and all types of hydrolic oil and also heavyhydrocarbon and light hydrocarbon and distillate fuel fraction.

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